What is TracenPoche

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Last update on the 18., april 2008 : version 3.00 free

TracenPoche is a software of dynamic geometry usable on Internet or offline thanks to technology Flash (c) Adobe.

TracenPoche can be used at 4 levels :

- "raises" level :
    to study a geometrical configuration (to build, to move, to analyze, to make conjecture...)
- "professor" level :
    to carry out activities, to make work its pupils or simply to illustrate its exercises or demonstrations in class
- "webmaster" level :
    to make dynamic of the documents as simply as possible by integrating figures (TepWeb)
- "programmer" level :
    o integrate the functionalities of TracenPoche in a Mathenpoche’s exercise (TepNoyau)

TracenPoche can be launched :

  • in web mode, with possibility of loading and saving under PHP;
  • in local mode, without direct possibility of loading and saving.

TracenPoche s project of Sésamath, and a module of MathEnPoche.

Any remark or question is the welcome (with the choice)
- by writing with authors’adress TracenPoche@free.fr
- by joining the mailing list of the users of TracenPoche : news, questions, bugs

Look atthe current version on this site - Look at the development state.

Example : Geometry and Function

BC is a triangle containing a triangle AMN such as (MN)//(AB). One varies the position of M on [BC] and one evaluates the area of the triangle AMN. P represents the point of which Y-coordinate is this surface and X-coordinate is the BM distance.

- Let make "a" vary to represents the position of the point M on [BC]
- Launch the animation by the red button.